Małgorzata Pawłowska



Managing director of Arpav Ltd. Responsible for business contacts development and marketing strategy. Since 2017 International Dressage Judge FEI 3*

Coach of horses and riders. 
Horse riding – in a broad sense – has become not only her passion but also a way of life.
She became her sport career as a junior in Andrzej Orłoś stable – this is where she participated show jumping competitions, then numerous eventing competitions under the supervision of Ewa Husarska. However, very early, even as a junior, she decided to specialize in dressage. Her professional career continued under the supervision of Bogusław Misztal. As a result of the cooperation she participated frequently in national and international competitions and was applied to national team – Polish Championship medals, participation in European Championships in dressage.

Since 1994  - dressage Judge of Polish Equestrian Federation. Since 1999 dressage Judge I class PZJ. In 2017 - she become an FEI International Dressage Judge 3*
She deeps her knowledge successive during dressage clinics and seminars for trainer and judges.

Currently she shares her experience with a great passion with young equestrian sports enthusiasts. Many competitors from pomorskie Voivodeship practise under the supervision of Małgorzata Pawłowska.

Apart from horse riding she loves travelling, learning about the world and new people, as well as listening to good music.

Individual training and consultations:
tel. 606 693 344

Coach achievement : click here

Horses for sale

Giving advice on buying a horse, we think about the harmony between  the horse’s needs and the needs and capabilities of the rider. We offer horse training (young and experienced horses) in a private equestrian centre Arpav Team.

Consultation and training

Individual horse and rider training conducted by : Małgorzata Hałeła-Pawłowska – dressage training and consultation; Artur Pawłowski – jumping training and consultation

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