Tomasz Miśkiewicz



A young and talented competitor of the Riding Club "Nadwiślanin" in Kwidzyń. A w inner of CSN Grand Prix 2012 in Bialy Bór, a Senior Master of Pomorze in Sopot 2008 and 2009. He rides on horses: Case Z., Civis, Dimequyla York, Roland, Wantos.

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a 4th-place winner of DR el.HPP Leszno, 3rd place: DR CSN Jaszkowo, 4th place: DR CSN Biały Bór, 1st and 3rd place: GP CSN Biały Bór, 8th place in Polish Championships for Young Riders Drzonków, 2nd place: DR CSN Biały Bór, 1st and 4th place: GP Bialy Bor

2nd and 6th place: DR el.HPP Sopot, 5th place in the final of HPP in the young riders category Janów Podlaski, 1st and 2nd place: DR DF * Starogard, 1st place: DR National Cup (NC) * Starogard, 1st place: GP Starogard, 6th place: medium round Final CSI ** Poznan, 3rd place: DR (NC) ** Gałkowo, 2nd and 4 th place GP (NC) ** Gałkowo

2nd place in the final of the small round (NC) ** Łąck, Vice-Champion of Pomorze Sopot, 1st and 5th place: DR el.HPP Kuźnia Nowowiejska, 4th place in the final round of young riders Kuźnia Nowowiejska

2nd place in GP (NC) ** Gałkowo, 5th place: the final of the small round (NC) ** Gałkowo, 7th place in the junior category in the final of HPP Janów Podlaski, Senior Master of Pomorze Sopot

Senior Master of Pomorze Sopot

Horses for sale

Giving advice on buying a horse, we think about the harmony between  the horse’s needs and the needs and capabilities of the rider. We offer horse training (young and experienced horses) in a private equestrian centre Arpav Team.

Consultation and training

Individual horse and rider training conducted by : Małgorzata Hałeła-Pawłowska – dressage training and consultation; Artur Pawłowski – jumping training and consultation

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