The Team

ARPAV Equestrian Team is a group of prominent riders from Poland and Europe of all equestrian sports. ARPAV supports their success and development.

Currently, the Team consists of:
Jurian Bloom
Piotr Kaliszuk 
Tomasz Miśkiewicz
Konrad Pawłowski
Ksawery Śniegucki
Paweł Śniegucki

ARPAV Equestrian Team provides consultations and training sessions. We train riders and horses to achieve the best results

Horses for sale

Giving advice on buying a horse, we think about the harmony between  the horse’s needs and the needs and capabilities of the rider. We offer horse training (young and experienced horses) in a private equestrian centre Arpav Team.

Consultation and training

Individual horse and rider training conducted by : Małgorzata Hałeła-Pawłowska – dressage training and consultation; Artur Pawłowski – jumping training and consultation

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